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What's up with those pictures? I'm so glad you asked....
Long Point, Massachusetts

All that remains of a Union artillery battery from the War Between The States (basically that hill on the left), together with a lighthouse that was built shortly after that war and still operates today.

Longpoint Tournament

The annual tournament of Historical European Martial Arts Alliance, hosted by the Maryland Kunst des Fechters ("Art of Fighting"), featuring the German longsword as well as other European martial arts.

Long Point, Texas

The closest little community to where I live out in the sticks is Long Point, Texas, and this grove of post oaks is representative of the terrain around here.

So, to net it out, my reasons for branding this operation as Longpoint Design are complicated and personal, and don't really reduce to one simple image. If you want to know more, check the blog page from time to time, as I will probably color in the rest of the story over there as time permits.

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