Completed Works

No website is ever truly "completed". Like a living organism, when a website stops growing it starts dying a little each day, and looking at a website that hasn't been updated in awhile always makes me cringe a little for the business that doesn't take the time to keep its website current. That said, these websites are substantially complete, published to the web, and bringing in clients for the businesses they represent. Click on the images below to view the home pages at a larger size or click the name above the image to browse the actual site.

Work In Progress

The websites below are in development—you have been warned. If you're interested in how these things come together, feel free to take a look around. Please understand, however, that you might find all kinds of unfinished business, notes to self or the client, or miscellaneous unfiltered content on these sites. These are here strictly to provide more examples of the possibilities inherent in website design and more illustrations of the kind of work I am doing. Enter at your own risk!

This is what started it all: building a website for my wife's music school. As a lawyer and executive I had forgotten how much I enjoyed computer programming and design.

Luthier Tony Meeks liked the look and feel of the BMA site with a different color palette to show off the awesomeness of the Zither Wizard and other handcrafted instruments made by Zither Music Company.

I have a huge family with a lot of exceptionally talented people in it. I built a website for us to share photos and family history apart from Facebook or other chaotic, public social networking sites.

Cheryl is a gifted pianist, arranger, composer, worshipper, teacher, accompanist, producer, and conductor. 'Nuff said.

Discount Trees of Brenham is a full service nursery and, through it's companion business Portable Buildings of Brenham, a distributor of General Shelters portable buildings.

Moore's Music Works produces, arranges, and markets electronic music as well as other genres. In addition, through the Worldwide United Tribe, MMW is gathering musicians for online collaboration.

Andrew Amelang

Yup. I'm doing one for myself. Might be doing some writing. If I do, you'll see it at this site first.

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Whetstone offers Christian classical education courses and support services to Houston-area home school families. This is a "one page" scrolling home page with supporting pages of information.

My family has been heavily involved in contemporary worship music for almost 20 years. Wee are now using Faithmusic as our primary platform for worship music, teaching, and publishing.

Darling Birth teaches childbirth and breastfeeding classes, as well as providing doula support for home births.

David is the best piano tuner and technician in the Brazos Valley. He can make any piano play and sound better than you thought it could.

Allsorts Storage offers clean, well-maintained, secure storage units and fast, friendly service from the owners. A great solution for your storage problem.

Yes, I play in a band on weekends (that's me on the right). The most eclectic set list I've ever seen, but it works, and people enjoy the variety. Great vocals and solid musicianship—we rock!

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